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Glen Neff wins New Mexico Music Awards- New Age Contemporary 2015

When it comes to "Global Int'l Electronica Music" Glen Neff my man, you provided me sooo many different styles of Electronica during the 90's into 2000's while I was with FM College station and now taking your music into the future with Radio INDIE Freeform! 

 I NEVER tire experimenting with your music and songs bro,throughout the years I have used your music of Global Electronica as a template to Electronica Global INDIE Freeform formats/Chill Lounge/Electronica Rock/WorldBeat Electronica/FUSION Electronica/Adult Contemporary Electronica/ Electronica Smooth Jazz etc etc ETC!!!  

Through your different styles of music back in the 90's I developed a knack for identifying the various styles of Electronica, utilizing your diverse styles of music as a guide line per se.  

Bro, today every other station can have the "all Electronica without real instruments and EDM music",or this robotic thing.To me it's about MUSCIANS who like you, know how to mix it up WITH real instruments!

Santa Fe-based Glen Neff is a composer, musician, artist, designer & builder whose style in all of his art forms is both organic and romantic. Born in New Jersey into a family of artists and musicians, Neff earned a BA degree from San Diego State University, and was raved about in the San Diego Reader as “head and shoulders above the Eno clones in his sophisticated use of harmonics, rhythms and synth voicing. His music is adventurous and lively ...Neff is a true improvisor and a reflexive expert at reacting to himself on tape. This one-man interactivity is compelling.”
SPOTLIGHT -Santa Fe Reporter- Glen Neff- Chains to the Moon- Santa Fe/Madrid musician and painter Glen Neff fuses his love of instrumental improvisation with a steady hand in the digital studio on his new 11-track album of globally influenced electronic music. For once-devout followers of the ambient/chill movement that nearly dominated local radio airwaves in Santa Fe a few years ago, Neff’s work will tickle that perhaps-dormant spot in your ear canal in some pretty intriguing ways. While there is a heft of traditional African, Punjabi-Bhangra, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influence running through the album’s rhythmic and vocal-sample veins, Neff deftly adds more contemporary meat to the musical muscle, with layers upon layers of synth, live instruments, effects, drum programming and out-of-left-field genre inclusions. It takes a careful listen to sift the latter out, but it’s worth the ride if you want a mellow escape. Trivia time: In March, some of Neff’s music was added to the workable library of the Omnicom Group, one of the largest advertising conglomerates in the world. Some of his work is also featured on the roster of LA imprint Jamboe Entertainment. Both do a sturdy business in atmospheric-music sales. So the next time you open an app or walk through the lobby of a spa, hotel, mall or restaurant, you may be listening to Neff’s music on the PA. It beats Kenny G. (RDW)

Glen Neff Explores a Full Range of Hybrid Sounds,Harmonies and Rhythms on "BAMAKO" 
JamSphere Review: By Rick Jamm. March 04,2014. A couple of months back Glen released the World Dance Electronica CD BAMAKO.There is so much going on in this album. There's more than just a hint of World Music and Nu Jazz. Glen Neff's composing is extraordinary, and a source of inspiration for anyone worried that their creativity might dry up after their early-youth years. Neff's playing is fantastic - utterly dependable whenever he needs to swing or groove spontaneously, yet rich in emotion required to improvise a solo or the melody of each track. What is never in doubt from the moment you start getting into Neff's music is that you have before you many years of listening pleasure. The music will take you to places you have never been before and you'll always return with a refreshed point of view. Glen Neff explores the full range of hybrid sounds,harmonies and rhythms on BAMAKO. From a soft and tender relaxing vibe to a full blown controlled frenzy, this music parallels the experiences of planetary life with all it's ups and downs and ebbs and flows. It is something to experience often. The long and winding 9-track suite starts out slow, builds to a boil, explodes, and then mellows out from what can only be described as an emotional storm. From the title track, Bamako, through Walls of Darbari, Veenapersia, All or Nothing, Bolly Stop Spot and Time Machine Dreams, when the music finally ends, you have been through an emotional roller-coaster.

BAMAKO is a riveting, hypnotic,exotic,and majestic piece of music from Glen Neff.